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About us

Our goal is to identify novel crop traits that can enhance yield resilience toward stresses such as drought, heat and freezing while reducing agricultural inputs. Particularly for northern climates, the intensity of these stresses is increasing and is expected to reach new extremes as a result of anthropogenic climate change. 

Our approach combines experimental and theoretical tools that help us identify key biological processes that are relevant to yield improvement and study their responses to the environment. To this end, we use a variety of ‘real’ (field) and ‘simulated’ (growth chamber, greenhouse and in silico) environments in order to test hypotheses. We examine those responses on a variety of species and genotypes with the goals of developing physiologically-informed screening methods and informing decision-making (what crop ‘ideotype’ to deploy and where).

We are currently collaborating with breeders, genomicists, agronomists and ecologists and we are constantly looking for opportunities to engage with other disciplines and communities that share our vision for a more climate-resilient and sustainable agriculture. Please visit our Projects and Publications pages for more information about what we do.

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