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Walid Sadok

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546 Borlaug Hall
1991 Upper Buford Circle
St. Paul, MN 55108-6026
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José López, Ph.D.


José López is a postdoctoral research associate with a Ph.D, from the University of Florida. José has expertise in crop modeling and physiological phenotyping. He is leading an effort to identify heat and VPD stress tolerance traits in oat and other crops.

Daniel Monnens


Daniel is a graduate student with a Bachelor degree in Biology with a Plant Biology Minor from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Daniel works on soybean biological nitrogen fixation and transpiration response to increasing VPD.


Robert Pennington


Robert is a graduate student with a Bachelor degree in fine arts from the University of Oregon. He is workin with the Sadok and Larkin labs to characterize genotypic variability in water use in Phragmites australis, an edible wetland grass common in Minnesota.

Qiansu Ding, M.Sc.


Qiansu is a graduate student with a M.Sc degree in Ecology from Xiamen University, China. Qiansu is investigating gas exchange and development in intermediate wheatgrass, as a basis for understanding inter annual yield decline in this perennial grain crop.